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Before you go further, answer these 3 important questions about YOUR business.

1. Our company could produce more sales if only ___________.


Our team could prospect more effectively

Every month we hope we get more new business but not sure it’s going to happen. It seems to be a direct result of not enough prospecting.


We could close more business

Lots of proposals are “pending”. We need to get the business through the door and finalized.


We could get more referrals

The best business comes from referrals. We have many happy customers but we still are a guarded secret. We are not sure what to do. 


Our Sales people could break out of their comfort zones

We have to break free from our limiting believes and change our attitudes and behavior to become more successful.


We could eliminate stress and worry about sales

People seemed stressed over the selling efforts. We need to relax but it’s hard when sales aren’t were they should be.

2. What are these problems costing you? _____________ (pick a number now)

Peter Drucker: “A person does not improve in any endeavor where a person doesn’t track that endeavor.”


3. How commited are you to fixing these issues?

How big a priority are these issues for you? (Scale of 1-10, 1 no change, 5 maybe, 10  Bruce we have to chat ASAP)


For over 30 years Bruce Seidman has helped Companies solve these type of problems.

Even as young as age 22, Bruce was born to coach people. If anything, a good coach knows  the way through the woods. Bruce learned humility from his father, David Sandler, the world’s greatest sales trainer. Sitting at his feet since age 6, starting with those lessons at the dinner table. The training and philosophies of the greatest trainer in the world has been ingrained into his life.

Bruce Seidman is 30 years ex-President/Owner Sandler Training Global HQ. 

Bruce lives on Pawleys Island in South Carolina and coaches individuals who absolutely strive to THRIVE (sales and especially non-selling professionals). His coaching is intense, intimate and makes his clients tons of happiness (and money, too). Best-selling author (2012) “Sandler Success Principles”


Need an extra push to grow your existing business or get a new idea off the ground? It's all about SALES! Let me help you reach your goals. Isn't it time to re-invent yourself?

Bruce Seidman

Coaching Services For Sales and Non-Selling Professionals

• EOS implementors
• Accountants
• Lawyers
• Consultants
• Engineers
• Architects
• Sell to Federal Government

Bruce: How to be a Rockstar

Bruce coaches so you can apply it fast!

What Clients are Saying

Bruce Seidman is just plain briliant! You may not be able to get on his calendar I had to wait months but it was SO WORTH the wait.


CEO, Developwebsites

Bruce is so insightful into sales challenges. He makes selling easy with his strategies. His solutions just work.


CEO, Extra Space

Bruce has so much insight into the techniques and behaviors of Sales people. If you follow his advice you can do anything but succeed.


Sales Person

 Zoom Call Sessions
Stump the Sales Trainer


12:00 EDT

Stump the Sales Trainer (Son of David H. Sandler)

Bring your toughest prospecting challenges…
don’t bring your social media stuff.


9-10:00am EDT

Stump the Sales Trainer (Son of David H. Sandler)

Bring your toughest “in real time” recurring selling delemmas.


12:00 EDT

Stump the Sales Trainer (Son of David H. Sandler)

Bring your toughest “in real time” recurring selling delemmas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Coaching?

You know things just aren’t right! It’s the job of a coach to help you see through your blind spots and manage not only your techniques of selling but behaviors and attitudes.

How Do I Know if Business Coaching Is Right for Me?

You know when you’re ready to make lasting changes in your business.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

This is a great time to get coaching before bad habits are established.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

When you learn a system for selling you can always return for maintenace work.

How long does it take to get coaching to work?

Every situation is different. Some people implement faster than others. A good coach keeps you on track and rapid transformation is possible.

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