LUNCH 'n LEARN Surfside

DATE:  Tuesday, November 29th
Time: 10:45am to 12:45 PM.
Location: BurgerFi Surfside (off 544)
106 Sayebrook Pkwy

Your Investment: $26.49, plus lunch…& the time required for you to commute here, saturate the knowledge, meet other high achievers, pay separately & enjoy lunch @ BurgerFi, and drive back to work… $26.49, payable to PayPal (direct link below).

Time is your (and my) greatest asset. Use it to improve your mind! Tap in to my 35 year experiences as a Franchisor in the Business Education services industry.

Free 51-page Report Included:

How to Sell With LinkedIn During a Crisis (LinkedIn Best Practices Post COVID)

This month’s “Genius Attack”…


How to hold yourself even more accountable to your highly focused goals

What you will take with you: (besides lunch)

Developing internal motivation in 2023 using HUMANIZING GOALSETTING PROCESS…

Resetting/tweaking business goals with a “new” lense

Win at home first (especially husbands)

Accountability Partner collective best practices

Listen to this short audio for a live Bruce Seidman SAMPLE:


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Bruce Seidman

About our Speaker:
Speaker: Bruce Seidman, former president and owner of the world’s largest sales training organization, Sandler Training Global HQ   Extended Speaker Bio