One-Day Customer Service Training

TITLE: Kaizen:  Customer Process Continued Micro Improvement®

DATE: December 15th, 2022 

TIME:  (all day) 9:00am to 3:00pm.
Supervisors: 3:00pm to 5:30pm
LOCATION: Litchfield Collective, located inside Applewood House of Pancakes
(14361 Ocean Hwy, Pawleys Island)
Investment: $205.00, Payable to this PayPal link below…
Supervisors invest an additional 2 plus hours, plus $45 per person.  Zero discounts, please.
WHO: Bankers, Hospitality at all levels, Medical front-line, Real Estate pros, Lawn Care and Irrigation, and anyone who stands before your customer and looks them in the eye or hears their voice.

Bruce Seidman’s Precepts for Amazing Customer Service:

Rule CCC: 3 over-arching ideals in your service work


    Moral compass, ethics, keep word


    God’s gifting, and experiences


    When people work together

TREAT ALL WORK AS BATCH (aka “punch list” morning routine)

(co-workers first, guests second: WHY? simple: when you respect your peers, you will honor y(our) customers.

People seek memories, not yummy meals or sunny beach days. The more emotional the experience, the deeper the memory is.

We have the mightly Atlantic & our marshes & our rivers (we are grateful to live, work & play right alongside our guests); WE facilitate their memories!!

Experience has a massive impact on buying decisions. Every brief hallway passing,  every touch point, every pressed white sheet, every time you or someone in your property engages a guest, it creates an experience —  something they remember.  People store negative experiences more easily; they tend to vote with their wallets and book at a different venue/hotel/weekly rental when it’s time for them to book again. When customers  (of course I mean GUESTS!) have positive emotional experiences, a la MEMORIES, it anchors them to your brand, your property, and the strong propensity to book again next year or even over the winter, new POST-COVID vacation behavior).

Banking: you try, you really do, to differentiate.  Insurance instruments, Annuities, Average Joe & Jane accounts, Concierge Services, Wealth Management, etc.  But relying on “online banking” so customers find it too hard to jump to a different bank is NOT a “go to” customer retention strategy.  Where do Banks fall down the most? (my opinion?: Showing the love long after the client is entrenched, whether it’s Joe & Jane Public, Wealth Management for higher net worth “retirees,” and especially for small businesses in the advice-giving role).

Patients: Whatever happened to, “Wait, I’m the patient here?” It must be “Patients 1st, Policies 2nd” (usually, 8 out of 10 patients surveyed after the doctor visit, it goes the other way around–if they even fill in the post-visit survey at all–which speaks volumes of data without being IN the data set)

Supervisors: In 2 and a half hours, from 3pm to 5:30pm, you will MOVE KNOWLEDGE INTO ACTION, which leads to TRANSFORMATION.  You will walk out with a new HOT LIST to either get your boss to sign off on right away, or to set the tone for your next few interactions/official meetings. Memorable Customer Service needs CHANGE in order to thrive.  Let me repeat that:  Bruce Seidman RULE:  “Memorable Customer Service needs CHANGE in order to thrive.”

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◊ MANUALS: All participants receive 50-page workbook (valued at $75)
◊ SUPERVISOR MANUAL:  Supervisors also receive a 30-page reference manual (value? priceless! Or, more realistically, $225)
This day of learning will fly by.  You will miss a lot. To reinforce what you wrote down in your notes, you’ll have access to our professional LEARNING MANAGEMENT DATABASE from December 24, 2022 to December 31, 2023. Valued at $495 per year.  FREE to paid workshop enrollees.
To carry on the training, the conversation, and the culture changing methods taught in our workshops, you’ll be granted access to our private Facebook Group, one for front-line professionals and a separate private group  for Managers and Supervisors. Valued at $395 each year.  FREE to paid workshop enrollees.

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To register, please be prepared to invest $205 via Paypal (Supervisors $250):


Bruce Seidman

About our Speaker:
Speaker: Bruce Seidman, former president and owner of the world’s largest sales, leadership & customer service training organization, Sandler Training Global HQ. Extended Speaker Bio